General Assemblies occur on Wednesdays, 5-7 pm (but no more until August 8 – summer break.) The meeting is in a room on the lower level of the Bangs Community Center in Amherst. If you know of an event that should be listed here, please tell us about it.
A good source listing many Peace, Justice, and Occupy events in the area is the AFSC/Traprock/JobsWithJustice online calendar. Recurring events:

  • First Monday of every month, 4:30-5:30: Coffee With A Cop, Rao’s – 17 Kellogg Ave., With Officer Humber, Amherst Police Department.  “Please take the opportunity to meet with me and discuss your interest, hot topics, aseasonal safety or just enjoy a up of coffee.”  For further information, please contact: Officer Marcus Humber(413)259-3008 with any questions.
  • ‘Occupy the Airwaves’ on WXOJ (103.3 FM) at 10am on Sundays, rebroadcast at 12 noon on Wednesdays .
  • Every Wednesday, 5-7pm, Bangs Center lower level meeting room, Amherst, our General Assemblies of Occupy Amherst. (Next meeting, August 8.)
  • Occupy Amherst also meets on every third Sunday of the month, 3-5pm, usually at the Amherst Unitarian Meetinghouse.  (No more until August – summer break.) These have been called “Occupy Conversations” as opposed to General Assemblies.

Maybe recurring, maybe not :

  • Many Peace, Justice, Occupy events on the AFSC/Traprock/JobsWithJustice calendar – usually things there are not duplicated here.
  • Leaflet about Verizon and Corporate Greed, Saturdays, Noon to 2pm, at the Hadley store, 360 Russell Street, Please let Jon Weissman know you are coming:, 413-827-0301.  This is frequent but I’m not sure it is every week.
  • Wednesday June 17, 3pm, in the First Congregational Church of Amherst: Bonnie McCracken says: “Please join OA during their GA on June 17th to hear and learn from Grace Ross, Founder of The Alliance Against Predatory Lending, Authority and Lecturer on Foreclosure Issues at 3 pm, she will be speaking about Foreclosure Fraud. I have been in contact with and hoping to secure space to hold this event at the First Congregational Church in Amherst. I have extended an invitation to Occupy Northampton. Any questions Bonnie can be reached at home at 413-256-6857. Please bring refreshments to share.”  This will be the third-Sunday “Occupy Conversation” for June.

Details of events above, too long to put there: